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It was a period when Greenwald was under immense public scrutiny, due to the then recent revelations by Edward Snowden about the depth to which the British and American security services were spying on Internet users Ever since Edward Snowden blew the whistle on PRISM, the NSA's no longer secret surveillance program, we know one thing with certainty: nothing that happens online can be considered private.Can you really escape the..., as well as Snowden’s leak of tens of thousands of confidential documents to Greenwald and the Guardian newspaper.As anyone who as ever flown to Australia will attest, as your flight starts to make its descent you’ll be given a boarding card asking you to declare what you are carrying in your luggage, and on your person as Australia has some of the strictest laws in the world on what can be taken into the country.There are some things that you’ll be asked to declare that you might expect, such as food, fruit and untreated wood or other natural products.This is due to the country’s fragile ecosystem having been ravaged by non-native species in the past.One surprising thing you’ll have to declare is pornography.We’re going to explore what rights customs and TSA agents have to inspect your mobile devices and computers. This permits employees working for the Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) to stop and search anyone entering Canada from any port of entry, including the land borders with the United States, seaports and airports.The Customs Act also gives CBSA officers the right to search your laptops, tablets and smartphones in the same way they can search your bags.

Glenn Greenwald’s Brazilian partner David Miranda was catching a flight to Rio de Janeiro from Berlin.Zamanskaya is a working for a major Russian news publication, so reporting on terrorism is a significant part of her job. What if you’re just a sunburned tourist on your way back home from a beery beach vacation in Benidorm?Police still have the right to inspect any devices at the border, due to the broad-ranging rules in the Terrorism Act, 2000.Although Australia is a liberal democracy with a number of progressive policies, they’ve got a number of restrictive laws on the books with respect to pornography.If you are traveling into Australia with pornography or sexually explicit material, you will have to declare it. Failure to do so is an offense, and can result in legal action or a hefty fine.

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